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LFM Spotlight – Mr. Kramer’s Lamborghini Aventador

Welcome to our LFM Spotlight Series and here today we had the pleasure to interview Mr. Kramer, owner of a beautiful Lamborghini Aventador.



Mr. Kramer’s story is an inspiring one. Solidifying what he learned from his previous job, he wanted to make a business out of it. Without any entrepreneurial experience, he took his skills and was determined to help provide profound communication services to others. With persistence and time, he created his business which stretches outside his area and parts of the United States. Fast forward to today, he is still maintaining his businesses along with his purchase of a Lamborghini Aventador. This beautiful car along with the modifications that he added is very illustrious, which reflects his drive, work ethic and great candor.



1) How did you first find out about the Lamborghini?

Doesn’t everyone know what a Lamborghini is 🙂 ?  For my specific car, I had a 2016 Huracan on order and cancelled it when I realized I would have regretted not buying an Aventador.

2) What made you buy the Lamborghini Aventador?

It is the most outrageous exotic car in the general auto marketplace.

3) What are your favorite aspects about the Lamborghini? 

All my modifications!  My car is wrapped in 3M Sheer Luck Satin Green by EA Wraps and also has tuner modifications by Echelon Autosports including air filters, custom exhaust by Supercar Specialists, and a tune by Dyno Comp.  It has 772hp which is +81hp over stock!  It also has custom carbon fiber wrapped wheels by Strasse Wheels.


4) How many times a week do you drive it? 

Twice – once to work and once on the weekend for fun.

5) To anyone who wants to buy one, what would you tell them?

Be patient.  Find a career you are passionate about and don’t try to make money.  Try to be better than everyone else and the compensation will take care of itself.  I just did a podcast that talked about becoming an entrepreneur and Lamborghini owner if your readers are interested.

Thank you Mr. Kramer for taking the time out of your busy schedule to inspire others to work hard, invest in a skill that you are most proficient with, and be tolerant with time. A beautiful Aventador that you have shows how much you have to put in the time and work to succeed.

Follow Mr. Kramer’s Instagram page and check out the insightful podcast below:

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