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LFM Spotlight: SuperTweaks


Hello everyone! We had the pleasure of introducing SuperTweaks to our LFM Spotlight series. This top of the line European performance parts store has satisfied thousands of customers with their full range of car parts from Lamborghini, Jaguar, Land Rovers and other European car companies. With their employers carrying over 30 years of experience within them, they give 100% customer satisfaction. SuperTweaks not only provide air filters, carbon fibers, exhausts, and other car upgrades, they also have 1:18 cast models, and rid-on cars for the kids! We talked to Ricky of SuperTweaks giving insightful knowledge of cars and being a part of SuperTweak. lam-sl-ep3pc_b

Tell us a little about yourself and the birth of SuperTweaks

Super Tweaks specialize in prestige car modifications and accessories including, body kits, alloy wheels, exhaust systems, suspension, performance products and much more for most Italian and German performance cars and the Land Rover/Jaguar brand.

At Super Tweaks we don’t have a sell everything approach, instead we have applied our knowledge, experience and expertise to source and supply quality products. Whether it be an exhaust, brake kit or interior parts these are all products we use and test on our own vehicles.

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We quickly developed a strong reputation for supplying unique and specialist items. In 2011 we expanded our range further to include parts and accessories for the Range Rover Vogue and Sport models and now the new Evoque. In 2014 we further expanded our range to include parts and accessories for the Jaguar XK and F-Type and the full range of Land Rover model range. Furthermore, in 2016 a new arm to our business was launched which deals primarily with Land Rover Defenders.

With over 30 years’ experience between us, we can help with parts and accessories and lots more. Our wealth of experience within the automotive industry ensures up-to-date information and technical support for our customers.

SuperTweaks LFM Spotlight

What was you experience with cars and how did it help you to create SuperTweaks?

Our owners have been involved in the trade for over 15 years, dealing and owning a vast range of supercars. I joined the company in 2011 with over 10 years’ experience in the parts sector.

What were some of the challenges you had to face during the beginning stages of SuperTweaks?

Finding the right niches and the filtering through a range of suppliers to enable us to supply the high quality parts and accessories.

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What performance parts for Lamborghini cars are the bestselling in your business?

Upgrade exhaust systems, Carbon fiber spoilers and wheel sets.

Through all the success that you have had with Lamborghini and other European car parts, which was your proudest moment?

Supplying customers all over the world 🙂

81700w_a 81700o_a 81700g_a 07m105269a_bThank you Ricky and SuperTweaks for your overview and your continued service! You can contact SuperTweaks via:

SuperTweaks on Twitter

SuperTweaks on Instagram

SuperTweaks on Facebook


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7183 1582

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