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LFM Spotlight – Premier Auto Armor

Premier Auto Armor

Welcome to our LFM Spotlight Series and here today we had the pleasure to interview Mr. Nick Blek, owner of Premier Auto Armor!

Mr. Blek did not start out in a typical fashion like any other Lamborghini specialists. Mr. Blek had other aspirations, wanted to work in a highly specialized police organization after he graduated from college. As soon as 2008 hit with stock crash, jobs in his field were scarce. Filled with determination and ambition, Mr. Blek fell back to his lifelong passion of cars to find his first job installing clear bras on vehicles. After becoming the best installer in the business, he took the skills that he learned, opened up a company which is now called Premier Auto Armor, Southern California’s best Paint Protection Installation Business.


Tell us a little about yourself and the start of Premier Auto Armor?

I got my start in this industry in shortly after graduated from UMSL with a Bachelor’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Given this graduation happened during the housing crash of 2008, jobs were hard to find in my field. I was aspiring to become an Agent for INTERPOL and move to France with my now wife Sarah who is originally from there but like all things in life things don’t go as planned.

I got very lucky when my older brother’s friend was looking for a level headed and dexterous employee to teach his trade of Clear Bra installations. Once I completed the training that 10 others failed, I quickly excelled at growing the business to 3 times its original size. I took a lot of pride in helping build that company but saw that it didn’t truly belong to me. My wife and I decided to move to California despite the market being extremely saturated with Clear Bra installers in comparison to St. Louis Mo where I originate. I believe to this day that I am able to provide a level of quality higher than anyone else on the market and my success has proven that belief in the most competitive market in the country.


What was your experience with cars and how did it help you to create Premier Auto Armor? 20160427_160559

My father ran a mechanic shop when I was a kid so since my early childhood, I would tinker with cars all the time. My first car was a Dodge Daytona we pulled from a swamp that my dad made me fix all on my own. I actually put myself through college fixing cars on the side and whenever I wanted to relax, I would detail my own. Nothing was more gratifying to me then to receive compliments about how clean my car was. I think that love for cars and the compliments I received regarding my work is what inspired me to open a business of my own. My thirst for recognition and the gratifying experience of a customer thanking me for doing such a great job pushed me to take the dive into becoming a business owner. Plus I get to be surrounded by what my wife tells me is something I’m a bit of an addict about, CARS!

A lot of people do not know about paint protection and its benefits. Explain why should everyone use paint protection on their vehicle?

Paint protection is still in its infantile stages as far as market penetration goes. Last I was told its at about 5-10% if I’m not wrong. So Paint Protection is a very much unheard of product especially when the right product is used by the most experienced and skilled installer. The benefits really boil down to the value the product brings to the table. Everyone wants to enjoy the car they buy but sadly that means driving it will eventually end up damaging the cars paint with a rock chip or bug splatter. In the case of a Lamborghini owner, that can really diminish the value of the car as it is becoming more common to have Clear Bras installed on at least the front end of the vehicle if not the entire car. Numbers are also a big factor that play a big role. The cost of replacing a damaged clear bra is a fraction of the cost to have it repainted and the best thing about it is you retain the factory finish!

Your recent installation was with a client’s Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. What special armor did you install on that car?

We installed Xpel Ultimate to the full nose and rocker panels of that Huracan Spyder. It’s the industry’s best film available that comes with an iron clad 10 year warranty on parts and labor nationwide. Unlike other installers that rely on cutting film while its on the car, we use Xpel templates to cut the kits to match each panel on the vehicle. We take it a step further than everyone else by customizing the kits to be completely seamless and perfect so that there is little to no factory paint exposed. No one else can match the quality and level of safety we use when installing our film by drastically reducing the amount of trimming required by hand.



Through all the success that you have had with clients with Lamborghini cars and other exotics, is there a moment that stands out for you? paa3

Yes. It’s when I see my customers smile when they pick up the Lamborghini knowing they can fully enjoy their cars without the worry of getting a chip in the paint or being keyed while they’re not around. That’s right, this stuff will stop damage from someone keying your car so long as that person isn’t the Hulk or Macho Man Randy Savage. So in short hearing the words “Wow! I can’t see it! Did you really do it?!” is music to my ears and that’s what I strive to hear from all my clients. I keep getting the opportunity to be surrounded by such amazing cars like Lamborghini Huracans and Aventadors!


Thank you Mr. Blek for sharing your story! Contact him and Premier Auto Armor to install armor on your Lamborghini via:

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