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LFM Spotlight – Freight Air & Sea Transport

FAST! – Freight Air & Sea Transport

Welcome to the latest edition of our LFM Spotlight Series! Today, we had the pleasure of interviewing Caleb Duke, the Lead Business Developer of Freight Air & Sea Transport (FAST).

Caleb has been surrounded by the freight business his entire life; he grew up in a family that had been in the business for three generations. Initially, Caleb thought of the freight business as a dead-end desk job and had other aspirations, so he decided to enroll in college. However, after learning more information about the transport industry and discovering that an increasing number of clients were requesting transports of exotic and rare cars, Caleb was inspired to join the family business and help build a reputable transport company.

From armored BMW’s to Lamborghini Veneno roadsters, Caleb and the rest of his team at FAST have worked tirelessly to provide one of the highest-quality transport services for exotic vehicles, worldwide. Their services consistently garner five-star customer ratings, which are a testament to their high standards and the commitments they make to their clients. You will not experience this anywhere else!

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Tell us a little about yourself and the start of Freight Air & Sea Transport.

Being disillusioned by the lack of integrity that permeated the freight industry, after twenty years, in 2003, our family chose to open our own business under the parent company SonDance Enterprises Inc. Each day, we strive to enhance our customer experience through honesty, integrity, and communication.

What was your experience with transportation and how did it help you and your family to create Freight Air & Sea Transport?

Growing up in a family business, I have been exposed to all aspects of the freight industry. After attending Piedmont College in North Georgia, I joined the family business as Director of Sales.

A lot of people do not know about freight transportation and its benefits. Can you explain the importance of using a freight transport to safely transfer exotic vehicles around the world?

While there are many ways to move an exotic vehicle around the world, the benefit to using a freight transport company would be profound for any owner/shipper. One way being that we, as a freight transport company, would be able to arrange all pertinent facets for the transport of the shipment. We are able to offer “door-to-door” service for the vehicle owner.

With the heightened security measures that must be adhered to when transporting freight (vehicles), we would be able to get into corners that the individual shipper could not. We have more access with all of the modes of transportation, as we have been vetted by appropriate security agencies, as the individual would not. We provide a complete service to the owner, including contact with U.S. Customs and corresponding country customs representatives.

How frequently do you transport Lamborghini cars and which one was the most memorable model that you had to transport?

That is a hard question to answer, as one month we may have one, and the next month, three. They are all very memorable, as they are all so unique in their own way; no one exotic is the same, so they each come with their own personality, if you will. If I have to choose, I would say the 2015 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster in Jet Black.

Lamborghini Veneno Lamborghini Veneno transport

Through the success that you have had transporting clients’ Lamborghini cars and other exotics, is there a moment that stands out for you?

Absolutely! With our clientele being of paparazzi interest (to say the least), we cannot speak of any particular finite details of a move. I can express the feeling of appreciation received from our clients on a job well done. The gratitude expressed by those customers when they have received their vehicles in exceptional condition, we feel as if we have “done our job”.


Thank you Caleb Duke for sharing your experiences in the freight business! Contact him and Freight Air & Sea Transport for the best worldwide exotic car transport via:

Freight Air & Sea Transport Website

170-G Penney Road

Forest Park, GA 30297

Office #: 404-765-9891

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