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2004 Lamborghini Gallardo for Sale!

Kelly Motorcars is back and has a sleek Matte Grey Lamborghini Gallardo that is up for sale in their garage!

This specific Lamborghini Gallardo has only 22,000 miles and the previous owner along with Kelly Motorcars have taken great care of it. This Gallardo has customized Full Tubi exhausts that produce a lovely sound and a bump of power. It also is stocked with a customized navigation system and radio that can play your iPhone/iPod or other MP3 systems. This Lamborghini Gallardo is also professionly tinted for that elusive, mysterious driver! Over $15,000 worth of other customization parts, this Lamborghini Gallardo is selling for $98,000! For a price like this, why wouldn’t you take a look and invest in such a beautiful car like this!

Check out our inventory to get in touch with Kelly Motorcars about this car!

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