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LFM Spotlight – Mr Flynn’s ’03 Lamborghini Murcielago

Mr. Flynn’s Murcielago!

Hello everyone!

Our very first interview in our LFM Spotlight series. Meet Mr. Flynn! He officially is the part of the Lamborghini legacy after he really wanted a manual car to hold on to. This specific 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago is one of the last series of this model that contains a manual gearbox. He was delighted to share his experience with his car to inspire others!



1) How did you first find out about the Lamborghini?

1) I’ve been a Lamborghini fan my whole life. I had posters of the Diablo on my wall growing up. I’d always loved the original story of how Lamborghini and Ferrari got into an argument, so Lamborghini started the company purely out of spite because he knew he could do it better.

2) What made you buy the Murcielago?

2) I actually wasn’t a huge Murcielago fan at first (I still think the later Diablos look better) but after driving both, the Murcielago was clearly the better driver’s car. I had wanted to buy my first exotic for my 33rd birthday, so I started doing a ton of research. I quickly realized that the 6-speed exotic cars were starting to go sharply up in price. The Murcielagos really hadn’t seen it as bad as some of the other ones (look at the Countach and Diablo prices over the past few years…they’ve tripled and doubled!) and I always wanted a car with the famous Lamborghini doors.

3) What are your favorite aspects about the Murcielago?

3) The sound it makes is like nothing else. You have this huge V12 just a few inches from your head. Mine has a Heffner exhaust and it’s pretty much the perfect loudness level. Every time I start it up it makes me smile. It’s not the fastest car out there but it will pull extremely hard in any gear. I’d owned several ‘flashy’ cars before like a Noble and a Lotus, but the attention the Lamborghini gets is like nothing else. It’s 99% positive and 1% negative. I’ve had people tell me to take daddy’s car back, and one person spit on it while I was away from the vehicle. However, the looks kids get when they see it and letting them sit in the driver seat makes up for all that. It takes me back to when I was a kid looking at exotics.

4) How many times a week do you drive it?

4) I drive it as much as possible. I work from home but I’d say I drive it at least 3-4 times per week. Besides from the sheer size of the car, it’s very easy to drive.

5) To anyone who wants to buy one, what would you tell them?

5) If you can afford one now, do it. I feel the manual ones are going to double in price here fairly soon. It’s the best car I’ve ever owned by a long shot. There isn’t a huge difference between a normal Murcielago and an LP640, so the $100k difference may not be worth it for everyone. Oh, and be careful when you wash it. You have to put a towel over the engine bay or you will fry the ECU…they didn’t plan that part of the car very well.

Thank you Mr. Flynn! The Murcielago is a beauty!

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