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2004 Orange Lamborghini Gallardo for Sale!

Here is Kelly Motorcars stocking up another Lamborghini Gallardo in their warehouse to sell.

Kelly Motorcars have done some great professional maintenance along with $18,000 worth of customization parts. This 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo is in beautiful condition with no records of scratches or accidents. Under 18,000 miles, this radiant Tri-Orange color V-10 coupe comes in with style! It has OEM Factory custom wheels coated in Matte Black. Its exhaust system is also upgraded to FabSpeed custom exhausts to give it a brilliant exhaust note. The Lamborghini Gallard also comes with customized orange trim interior to mach the exterior Tri-Orange color. Navigation system along with the back up camera is installed with the Pioneer Radio that can play your iPod or other MP3 players that you have.

For those who want privacy while driving, Kelly Motorcars also professionally tinted the taillights and windows!

This model is up for sale for $98,000! Check out our inventory to get in touch with Kelly Motorcars for further details and future purchase! Thank you Kelly Motorcars for your continued services!

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