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Lamborghini Gallardo Philadelphia Auto Show
Lamborghini For Me offers top quality services for any Lamborghini owner, dealership, and enthusiast to reach their potential audience! Each unique package below includes a description of what it entails. *Submit to the form below to get a free quote from us of a package that you have requested.*


  • Any sign up fees to start your services? – No way!
  • How about cancellation fees? – A fee to cancel? That’s not our style.
  • Which of your packages are month-to-month? – “LFM Inventory Package”

(Monthly) LFM Inventory Package includes:

  •  Displaying each Lamborghini model that you are selling in our LFM Inventory
  • Quality posts which features your Lamborghini on our Instagram, Facebook, and other social media pages (Social Media + Instagram Package)

Instagram Package includes: 

  • A high quality post of your page/business/company featuring a Lamborghini on our Instagram (Post will not be deleted)


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